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The Painted Sole is the brainchild of artist Gina Nagy Burns.   Her one of a kind hand painted designs are inspired by her extraordinary clients. From Brides-to-be to Moms-to be, Metros to CEOs, Rockers to Bohemians, Preppies to Purists and everyone in between. Her mission is always the same: To create signature accessories that become the wearer’s ultimate luck maker, dream catcher, wow factor and anything else the imagination can put to paint.

                                                                    Tread Blissfully…

Introducing TPCreates™


Classes & Party WOrkshops

TPS Classes

Courses in the art,design and science of hand painting accessories. Gina brings the atelier to your After School Enrichment, Gifted & Talented

For Inquiries:


TPS Workshops

The Painted Sole comes to you.

Create truly memorable moments at your child’s next party.

(tri-state area only)

Adults are welcomed!

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Pigments Gallery

October 23, 2009

New York City

Atlantic Gallery

Sic Transit Gloria Exhibit

June 16-23, 2009

New York City

NoHU Cultural Center

Turning Points

September 11-21, 2009

New Jersey

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Design Your LIne™, Accessory Painting & Design Course & Kit

We are thrilled to introduce our sister company, TPSCreates™- an educational initiative that is on a mission to help young people Tread Imaginatively.

TPSCreates™ has partnered with After School Products™ to launch our first offering, Design Your Line™: an all-in-one accessory painting and design course & kit for young people. DYL provides an extraordinary way for teachers and students to explore their love of art and design, expand their painting and drawing skills and put a personal stamp on their wardrobe. By providing the essential tools necessary to create one-of-a-kind designs on the wearable surface, teachers are given the opportunity to nurture an atelier-like atmosphere in their classrooms and students are given an unforgettable forum for self-expression and self-exploration.

For more information about the Design Your Line™ course & kit click here:

To ORDER Design Your Line™ for your program please contact After School Products™ at:

Phone: 720-532-0405

Email: sales@afterschoolproducts.com

On Line: www.afterschoolproducts.com